A Must Read Book Series

If you can’t handle a bit of gore, these books aren’t for you. For those who do enjoy watching and reading this kinda thing (and no that doesn’t make us psychos.. Does it??) then these are the books for you.

Being completely honest with you, if you aren’t into your crime / thriller series’ and can’t handle a bit of gore, these books aren’t for you. For those who do enjoy watching and reading this kinda thing (and no that doesn’t make us psychos… Does it?) then these are the books for you.  

M J Arlidge has written 8 books about DI Helen Grace, and I’m hoping there’s more to come. A leading crime novelist, he continues to capture his readers throughout every chapter.

  1. Eeny Meenie
  2. Pop Goes The Weasel  
  3. A Doll’s House
  4. Liar Liar
  5. Little Boy Blue
  6. Hide and Seek
  7. Love Me Not
  8. Down To The woods

Arlidge has also written BBC and ITV crime dramas so why this book series hasn’t been turned into a tv show is BEYOND me. Saying that though, it doesn’t need to be, his writing and the story it follows makes you picture every moment..  you don’t need the TV to visualize the setting and events. Also – can we just have a moment of appreciation that it’s a male author whose written about strong females and cast them as the main characters!? Another tick in the box.

Eeny Meenie released in 2014 became a bestseller, much like his following books in the series. Helen Grace, a strong independent woman tracks down multiple serial killers whilst fighting her own psycological battles, sounds tough right? You have NO idea. Arlidge makes the unthinkable thinkable, describing every detail. I’ve often been reading next to my other half or on the train and gasp in horror, my mouth open so wide I could catch flies. This character shocks you, speaks to you and always leaves you hanging on every word, so naturally I had book number 8 on pre order for months.

It’s hard to talk about 8 books in one review.. Really, they all deserve their own. The gripping story never fails to take an unexpected twist. Just when you think you’ve sussed it…BANG! You haven’t.

The book is set in Southampton, England making it even more relatable to UK readers. We’re all used to an American serial killer, probably because it’s what we hear about more often. But really, there’s nothing more chilling than when it’s close to home.. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things right on your doorstep. Another great thing about this book is although you meet an abundance of great new character along the way, it continues to follow the same characters from Southampton Central so you build on your relationship with each one and watch them grow.

Although I could talk about these books for hours, I don’t want to give it away. I want you to experience the eye popping, jaw dropping series for yourself.

Recently this year, the NHS highlighted the benefits reading can have on mental health at an event to mark World Book Night. Getting lost in your thoughts can be a dangerous game, but getting lost in a book only reduces stress. Personally, I found commuting to and from work with only your phone and your thoughts exhausting. For me, as soon as I started reading I saw the positive impacts it has, like escaping the real world, having down time and switching off. (It also decreased my screen time by 10 hours one week!!). So although I couldn’t recommend this series and author enough, because yes, serial killers are my thing.. any book series can have amazing positive impacts on your mental health – so go get lost in a book!

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