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A Taste of Peru

As a complete virgin to Peruvian cuisine, I didn’t know what to expect but WOW every. single. dish. blew us away.

Lima – Fitzrovia, Fitzrovia, London

My first time trying Peruvian food was NOT a disappointment. I was apprehensive at first, but who wouldn’t be after seeing Tiger’s Milk on the menu? (It’s not real Tiger’s Milk btw…). Lima Fitzrovia, the first Peruvian restaurant In London to be awarded a Michelin star, sits a stone’s throw from Tottenham Court Road. It welcomes you with an open front – perfect for people watching inside and out.

The atmosphere inside is surprisingly calm considering the chefs are cooking in an open kitchen at the front of the restaurant. Personally, I love an open kitchen and watching the dishes be created, it adds to an eatery’s ambience and it certainly did here. Before the food even arrived, we had high hopes for a leisurely lunch.. which of course should always be accompanied by a bottle of vino.

To my surprise, an amuse bouche appeared which I can only describe as similar to a large shot of mushroom soup, coupled with yellow chilli bread and some kind of tzatziki-esque dip. It was so simple, but so delicious and just a small teaser of what was yet to come.

As a complete virgin to Peruvian cuisine, I didn’t know what to expect but WOW every. single. dish. blew us away. Corn-fed chicken causa, crispy potato and Andean chilli sauce to start which looked like a party on your plate… tasted like one too (see before and after pics, it speaks for itself). I’m not really a spice kinda girl, but even for me that chilli sauce topped the dish off.

10/10 from me.

Duck breast, hot ceviche, citrus tigers milk, braised onions and gnocchi for my main and despite not recognising half the ingredients, it left me wanting more… and to lick the plate clean. Tigers milk is literally fish juice with a few extras thrown in (lime juice, onions, chili, salt & pepper) don’t be alarmed, tastes waaay better than it sounds. It was banging, literally. If you want fireworks, this is your dish. So what’s better than fireworks? Welllll I’ll tell you, suckling pig is. My other half ordered suckling pig which came with sun-dried potatoes, cashew nuts and eucalyptus yoghurt. Yes, I was eyeing it up across the table and yes, I know your mouth is watering. Don’t get me wrong mine was INSANE.. But.. and it kills me to say it, his was better. Crispy skin and melt in your mouth meat, that pork is what dreams are made of.

Duck 8/10 and Pork 10/10

For dessert.. avocado and chocolate mousse. Now, I don’t do fruit with a chocolate dessert let alone avocado (!?) so it was either great persuasion techniques or nearly half a bottle of wine that made me agree. It ended up working in our favour though, because we got a second dessert complimentary from the chef that wasn’t even on the menu yet – a lemon tart (Thanks again, chef). These dishes were beaut and really topped off the whole meal. Stunning in looks and taste and yes, I can’t believe I’d ever say these words.. But I would highly recommend the avocado and chocolate mousse.

Both 10/10.

The service was second to none; attentive, friendly and generous. The laid back atmosphere puts you at ease and in a good mood before even tasting the food. £85 for the both of us, with tip, which includes £18 for 2 set courses on the lunch menu, 1 dessert, a bottle of wine and bottle of water for the table. Bargain if you ask me. Overall rating has to be 10/10. We will be going back.

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