My Favourite YouTubers

Over the years I have watched my favourite YouTubers turn into the new ‘celebs’ of our era.

I can imagine being a first timer to the world of YouTube to be very overwhelming. Where would you even begin to start? There are thousands of channels out there all at the click of a button wanting to share a part of their life with you. There are channels for cookery, vlogging,  make-up, to fitness and lifestyle; the possibilities are endless.

I remember when I first started watching YouTube in my college years around 2012 and it opened me up to a whole new avenue of entertainment. Over the years I have watched my favourite YouTubers turn into the new ‘celebs’ of our era and I have enjoyed and envied every step of their journeys. SO I THOUGHT I would share with you guys some  of my favourite all time YouTubers. Although it can be a scary world out there on social media, I think most of YouTube does try and show a real perspective of the hobbies that people are into in a fun lighthearted way, so just enjoy it.

One important thing to remember, please never compare yourself to anyone else and when watching other people’s lives, that they have let you into, don’t be quick to judge. You may feel like you get to know them quickly, but there is always more than what meets the eye or what people are willing to let you in to. So be kind when posting any comment.

For make-up check out:

Sammy Robinson

Jaclyn Hill

Tanya Burr

For fitness check out:

Krissy Cela

Maxx Chewning

For food check out:


Featured image credit: Element5 Digital on Unsplash

DISCLAIMER: The Five always aim to credit the correct original source of all images we use. Please contact us at the.five.hq@gmail.comif you think a credit may be incorrect.

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