When You’re Always The Single One – Getting Comfortable With Being That Beautiful Third Wheel Baby

If someone tells you you’re not a complete person without having a partner, do me a favour and jab them in the eyes.

We all want that fairytale romance, that swoon when we see someone, that constant partner by our side, and that smug feeling that someone has liked you enough to actually want to be around you. Right? I mean, probably.

Unfortunately, for many of us out there (myself included) this is not something that seems to be forthcoming. We can never find the right person, or even A person to fulfil our criteria and to make us a complete and beautiful soul. How sad.

Except, not really. My children, I am here to tell you that single life is not all doom and gloom as Hollywood films would have us believe, and it is time for us not-so-lonely crew to realise this and turn into the radiant third/fourth/seventh/twenty-third wheels we are destined to be.

Take a real, proper look at your mates relationships around you. Yes you see blissful happiness and love a lot of the time but come on, let’s be honest here. You also see bickering like an old married couple, far too much comfort with bodily functions, and just like… always having to be with them? Personally, I much prefer the classic old endless cycle: finding the new love of my life on a dating app, either finding out that they’re actually a real shithead or completely losing interest after a couple of weeks, rinse, and repeat. At least it’s exhilarating.

Also, let’s remember that when you don’t have anyone to be checking in on, you have no one stopping you from doing literally. Whatever. You. want. Want to go out til 3am on a Monday? Sure, no one waiting up for you. Want to drop everything and move countries on a whim? Why the heck not? Want to float around being a lady or lord of leisure with no interruptions? Okie doke! There’s also no one to drag you out of bed when you’re deathly hungover and just want to wallow, and no one that will irritate you for no reason.

I know this all sounds incredibly grinchy, and like i just sit in a room in the dark telling myself it’s all okay, but what i’m trying to get across here is that it actually is. There is SUCH pressure on people to be in relationships and to be a part of ‘something’ that i see far too often people ending up in the wrong something. You don’t need to do that to yourself- why stress about being an item with someone you’re not crazy about, when you can actually be by yourself and enjoy your freedom? You don’t need to have a date to a wedding, or need to bring someone home to your parents until you are good and ready.

So in the meantime, do your stupid things that an ‘other half’ would stop you doing. Drink too much on weird nights, go on strange (but safe!) dates, take your friends on holiday instead of a partner. One day soon it is more than likely that you’ll be looking back at this time and wishing you’d made the most of it more, so do it now- no one is judging.

Also, if someone tells you you’re not a complete person without having a partner, do me a favour and jab them in the eyes xx


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