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601 Queen’s Road Review: Good for parents and/or hangovers

Right next to Wimbledon Station you’ll find 601 Queen’s Road. Flooded with light and boasting a beautiful elegant atmosphere, the newly renovated restaurant/bar is perfect for after work drinks or a bite to eat.

One occasion I went to 601 Queens Road was when myself and a couple of The Five team actually could leave our beds on a Sunday afternoon- after enjoying one or two drinks the night before, we were a little worse for wear.  Created as a rooftop venue, a few flights of stairs and we were there, soaking in the ambiance while our poor hungover lungs recovered from the mountain climb we had just done. 

As we entered, tables and chairs filled the walkway, with an outdoor balcony wrapping around the circumference of the building- ideal for a summers day! Under the domed glass ceiling, there were small booths and the bar with different combinations of tables and chairs to suit for all party sizes. 

Once we dragged our hungover bottoms to our table the order was simple..Sunday roast for four please! One without meat for the token veggie in the group.To our surprise, they had no veggie option and could not give our veggie girl just a roast with no meat, we challenged this even when we offered to pay for a standard roast dinner but had no luck, that is the only major downfall of 601 Queen’s Road– for any veggies out there craving a Sunday roast, I am afraid this is just not the place for you. 

Now not to rub it in veggies but the roast for us meat eaters was truly delicious. Just enough gravy, colourful greens and one thing I must say a lot of roasts lack, A LOT of meat! I would highly recommend the beef and to tame the hangover (if you have one or even not- they are bloody gorgeous) a good old Bloody Mary.

As this trip was a success, I thought this would be a perfect place to take the parents on their visit, and I would say I was definitely correct. To start we had the slow cooked beef tacos- these are spicy as hell, so be warned, but for a spice lover, this was perfect. I then got stuck into the tarragon and lemon flat iron chicken with herb potato. This was extremely flavoursome and in keeping with what I had come to expect, the portion of our mains were a good size. 

I would definitely return to the 601 Queen’s Road. It seems to fit any occasion (hangovers, parent visits, and I once bumped into a good friend on a date there), it is affordable with good staff a fabulous environment and never seems to be overcrowded which is always a bonus in my view.

Can eat off the toilet seat: 5/5

Chilled out sexy vibe: 4/5

Vegetarian roast haters: 5/5

601 Queen’s Road, Centre Court Shopping Centre, 4 Queen’s Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 8YE

020 3907 6788

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