What If review: Bridget Jones who?

My typical evening usually leads to the boyfriend and I scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch. I am being genuine by the way, none of this Netflix and chill shit, we are five years in and we actually want to get to the end of a series. 

Anyhoo, one night we decided on a series relatively quickly for a couple- it was only 300 hours later we agreed on the new series ‘What If’. Now, being a huge Bridget Jones fan I was keen to see what Renée Zellweger would be like in this more sinister role. The good thing is I seemed to detach from Bridget as soon as the first episode hit and Anne Montgomery was born.

This American neo-noir series places Anne Montgomery (Renée Zellweger) as a ruthless and twisted businesswoman who ends up taking interest in a newlywed couple, Lisa and Sean, who seem to be living some unrealistic fairy-tale love life. Lisa is at breaking point with her medical start-up business and in desperate need for funding.  Who comes to the rescue? Anne Montgomery. But, of course, her help is all at a price. 

From the moment Anne steps into the picture asking for “a very dry martini,” it is pretty much all downhill from there. Lisa and Sean’s fairy-tale love is tested, and, throughout the series, this immediately has a domino effect on the extended characters. Every participant is tested to their emotional and physical limit, picking the lock from their pasts, the audience is engulfed into seeing a darker side to everyone involved. Does it all work out? Go watch to find out!

I would recommend What If for anyone who is looking for an easy yet gripping watch – if you can deal with a few cliche lines and unrealistic scenarios, then you’ll be fine. The series really pushes to throw everything into the mix,and oh how they do not disappoint, from sex to deceit to the villain typically being constantly surrounded by thunder and lighting. God how I love cringe.

Cheesy as hell but can’t stop watching: 4/5

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