The Lash Line,Surbiton,London

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and feeling like you have to do the bare minimum to make your face actually look presentable to the world and the only time this happens is when I get my eyelashes done. The Five are big fans of eyelash extensions, especially around summer time when there are lots going on in our diaries. We have tried many places and styles from classic to clusters and home visits to beauty salons. The place we chose this summer was The Lash Line, Surbiton. For anyone living more central to London, Surbiton train is fast and easy from Waterloo so no bother to get to at all.

Rushing around in the morning getting prepared for Glastonbury, I had to hop in a cab to the Lash Line, informing the owner that I may be 10 minutes late, she told me there is a charge for people who are 15 minutes late, so try to be on time! The card machine was not working, she told me before I arrived so I was able to get cash out, this sadly did not happen for the other two of the five who had to walk to go get cash out once arriving at the lash line. They did comment that she made the salon as comfortable as possible for them once they walked back. If you go here triple check if you need cash or not.

The store boasts pretty interior with a professional set up, the front is not hard to spot as it is covered with multicoloured flowers draping around the entrance. Everything is placed within one room-reception and two treatment tables that have a curtain if you require privacy.

The owner of Lash Line attended to doing my eyelashes,making sure I was comfortable and engaged throughout the whole of the 45-60 minutes.I barely felt her put the eyelashes on and it was a very quick process,which is good when you are trying not to fall asleep! The owner proceeded to tell me they are looking to expand and bring in nail technicians, she added she only wants the best of the best.

My classics cost £45, this is one of the cheapest and best we have found in London so far as the more central you go the more expensive it seems to get, reaching up to £80!

Post eyelash/Glastonbury trip review: My lashes lasted the whole time intense conditions from high heat to sleeping in a tent, one of the five sadly suffered from serious hay fever on the trip so ended up rubbing half of her eyelashes off, so make note hay fever sufferers!

Overall great eyelashes for the price and a lovely experience the only thing I would say is the classics are long so if you want more of a natural look be specific in a shorter lash.

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