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We Love You Glastonbury

Oh, Glastonbury. You bittersweet tasty mother f*cker. Other than nearly melting to death and walking so far we had no feet left, it was truly a phenomenal experience like no other. Our wonderful little group stayed just along from the Arcadia stage. This was a great place to camp, a little lively but not as hectic as Pennard Hill, which suited us perfectly. The set up of the festival is like a small town with no transport, so if you wanna lose weight, get fit AND enjoy yourself just get yourself to Glastonbury. 42,000 steps in one day. From start to finish it was an amazing adventure, finding new tents with new DJs, exploring Shangri-La, heading up to the Glastonbury sign and experiencing a breathtaking view, meeting people who are in the happy festival spirit, dancing to timeless musicians and enjoying it all with the best company.

Faith’s top tip:

Take anything that will give you shade. I know I shouldn’t be complaining about the impeccable weather we had and it really was incredible but I mean there was no shade. None. Zilch. So we just had to fry like bacon for the first few days until one of our campmates went all Bear Grylls on us and used his ten-man tent middle floor as a roof and attached it to all of our tents so we ended up having shade, PRAISE THE LORD.

Faith’s top act:
Stormzy stole the show for me. Not only did he put his own money into the stage production he was the second black British male artist to ever headline Glastonbury. What an incredible moment to be apart of and for him as an artist. His whole set was fantastic, he sounded great and looked great. He wore stab-proof vest designed by Banksy during one of his songs, Stormzy is always using his platform to get messages over and I respect him so much for doing so. 

Ella’s top tip:

Pack as light as you can, the walk into Glasto to find the right camping spot is not easy! If you are thinking of taking in lots of cans and alcohol, I would definitely recommend buying a trolley that you and your friends can take turns in pulling (you will thank me later).

Ella’s top act:

For me Chemicals Brothers absolutely blew me away, they always bring the beat, not only is there music mind-blowing but the show and the visuals are out of this world. This is what Chemical Brothers are known for and you can see why it works so well- it is absolutely mesmerising. Sunset, flares going off, flashing lights everywhere and funky music. What more could you want?

Caitlin’s top tip:

Don’t take a Sheewee! Yes, we’ve all heard the rumours about the dreaded festival toilets, but really if you can get over the smell – they aren’t that bad. The queues aren’t as long as you think and you’re in and out in minutes. The Sheewee was recommended to us and with the bad press that you hear about the portaloos, we thought these were perfect.. They weren’t. We purchased them from Amazon and tried them out when we needed them most. But girls, don’t do it. It comes out the back and the front… no one needs wee running down your leg when you haven’t showered for days!! We recommend you spend 5 minutes in the toilet queue, be quick as you can and hold your nose!

Caitlin’s top act:

Although Miley Cyrus was a childhood dream to see, Liam Gallagher stole my heart. Is there anything better than seeing Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova live with your best friends? I think not. Growing up with Oasis, it was absolutely incredible seeing one of the Gallagher brothers singing their classic songs live, especially now there’s little hope of the band getting back together. Thanks for it making my dream come true, Liam Gallagher.

Danielle’s top tip:

A deep sleep is key for Glastonbury, so take an eye mask and ear plugs if you want to fit in a solid few hours sleep. The noise and beaming sunlight at 7am will not be your friend unless you have these essentials! This is a necessity in order to hack five late nights in a row.

Danielle’s top act:

How on earth can I pick… I can’t so I am going to pick 3. I love music from back in the day, so my favourite female performance had to be from Lauryn Hill as she is someone I never thought I would get to see live and she took it back to the old school with some Fugee classics. Liam Gallagher was a dream come true and to see him perform Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova – that happen to be my top 2 Oasis tracks – has made me ten times more excited at the prospect of a long-awaited Oasis reunion tour. FYI I still think his voice is great. Both acts are followed closely by DJ Annie Mac, just because sometimes it is nice to hear some house music with words in.

Glasto photo album!

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  1. Wow – What an amazing time you’ve had.
    Thanks for the Glastonbury tips girls.
    We are trying to get tickets for next year, so we’ll bare them in mind.

    Love all the pictures xxx


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