“Help I Sexted My Boss” Podcast review

“Help I Sexted My Boss” is a chuckle and a half. Two polar opposites host the show; Jordan North, a Radio One DJ and presenter, and William Hanson, who is one of the UK leading etiquette experts. Chalk and cheese, right!?

The chemistry between the two is uncanny, and all you want is to hear more of the two as the episodes go on. The main aim of the show is to give members of the public advice, whilst drinking a good amount of gin and Dubonnet- something I am yet to try. The balance is perfect as you have Jordan playing on the working class “lads” card and William who is an upper class more reserved kind of man- meaning the advice they give is both tummy tickling, and varied. Not only does the show put a smile on my face, it has taught me a thing or two about etiquette; for example, you should never clink your glasses together- this is known to be rude as it goes back to when pirates clinked their glasses together! Bet you didn’t know that! 
I couldn’t recommend this show enough, it is an easy listen for when you’re on the train or at work, or if you want to host your own gin and Dubonnet nights – yes, these really are a thing. William and Jordan will take you from the studio all the way to Jordan’s home in Bolton (which is one of my favourite episodes) and all the way to Monaco where William feels right at home! They deal with a range of questions, from typical advice-seekers to some. well, more unusual ones. All I can say is, keep your headphones in when you are in public- if not, you might get a few odd looks as this is not for prudes! Go have a listen to the one of the funniest double acts around!

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