Accepting that sometimes you look like shit, and that’s okay

Look, we all get it. We want to look fly as hell, all the time, all the places, and for all the people. 

Catch me out here lookin like an insta influencer:

‘Oh who’s that, an A list celebrity?’ 

‘No, that’s Vikki, she’s just off to the shops for a pint of milk’ 




Unfortunately, I’ve come to the very solemn and difficult realisation that it is not always possible, feasible, or reasonable to look fresh 2 death. Sometimes you will actually just look like death, and that is okay. 

You’ve been up til 5am working solidly on a proposal for a meeting with your boss (read: drinking several bottles of wine w your mates and stress reading emails on your phone)? At the gym doing a hard as heck workout? Just not actually in the mood to brush your hair or wear anything other than your dad’s old fishing t-shirt and some shorts you’ve owned for 10 years? 

Firstly, I feel ya. Secondly? Wear whatever the HELL you want. As much as we would all like to think it, we are not Beyonce, and people aren’t clamouring over themselves to take photos of us. Frankly, even if you were in a photo taken by a stranger, they’d delete it because having photos of people you don’t know stored on your electronic devices is somewhat questionable.

To be honest, the best advice I can give you as someone who very frequently presents themselves in public looking as though they’ve been dragged through a bin and had a fight with a small rabid animal, is that no one actually cares. 

Literally no one. 

They will not give you a second THOUGHT the moment you have strolled past feeling fly in your track pants and Crocs, because at the end of the day we all have our own shit going on and you don’t actually matter to a stranger. Stop scrolling through your shopping sites frantically looking for an outfit that no one has seen yet, just to wear for your Nan’s 60th birthday. Just stop. Be comfy, be confident, be casual. You do you, babes.  

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