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Lovebox 2019: One Tasty Bite-Sized Festival

Thanks so much to Cezar King for this video of our time at Lovebox – check him out on Instagram @cezarfitness_

It’s been a hectic summer for us here at The Five, and to end festival season with a bang, it was time for us to check out Lovebox. On a beaut London day, we headed to Gunnersbury Park, none of us knowing what to expect- but all we can say is Lovebox is one tasty little snack of a festival, set right in the heart of London. 

With a whole host of acts, including headliners Chance the Rapper, Solange, Giggs, and J Hus, as well some of our faves, David Rodigan, Lizzo, Annie Mac, and Action Bronson, this is definitely a festival that catered for all- and was definitely a ‘bang for your buck’ day out. Any chance for us to get together with our mates and wear glitter is always going to go down well to be honest, and combined with a solid lineup, easy access, and good crowds, this was a great one. 


Honestly, I LOVED Lovebox- it was a great day out, reasonably priced, and not absolutely rammed with people. Any excuse to wear glitter on my face is warmly embraced, but I also found that the festival itself was well-organised, had a great, varied line-up, and didn’t seem to be populated with (too many) dickheads- always key. I am currently on a HUGE Lizzo vibe, so the opportunity to see my queen perform live was incredible- although, I can’t lie, at times the music for all acts was a bit too quiet, and this did detract from the solid lineup. Of course, this is to be expected in a central London festival, but probably something to bear in mind; if you really love an artist, be prepared to muscle your way to the front to avoid being distracted by chatter!

Lines for the bar were short, or at least moved quickly (utmost importance) so there wasn’t too much standing around in the hot sun, and there was ample space to park up on the grass with your mates and have a little rest and a chat. I found that the whole experience was actually really social- everyone seemed to be in high spirits, it was decently easy to navigate and so reconnect with lost friends, and even the staff seemed to be in good moods. For me, Lovebox was a fantastic and decently priced way to spend a summer day with my friends, without having to travel for hours, and whilst being able to be at home and in bed by midnight- really, if you’re anything like me and rapidly ageing into middle-age, this is an added bonus. I’d definitely recommend checking it out- even if you don’t know the artists that well, it’s great vibes, well organised, and a lovely way to spend a day with your mates in summer.


Hats off to Lovebox for great organisation, no queue to get in was a great way to start off the day. It was very easy to find your way around and our big group of lovely friends hardly ever lost each other. The line-up on the Saturday definitely was not as much my thing as the Friday, but it was still pretty good. Patrick Topping was going off the whole day- boy does he know how to get  a crowd going! Talking of crowds, everyone there was pretty much good vibes only although as the night went on, and people were a bit worse for wear, it did get more sloppy. All in all it was a good day. The only thing I think Lovebox was missing was some cool chill out/ seating areas were you can sit and get comfy with your friends for a bit whist you give your legs a rest.


Struggling to shake off the Glastonbury blues, I was counting down the days to Lovebox 2019. Outfits and drinks at the ready, our group set off arriving around 3pm. Luckily for us there was hardly a queue for security (bonus when you’ve been pre drinking and need a wee). 

Gunnersbury Park is a great location for a festival, but I wasn’t over the moon about the line up. The acts we did see were great, but the sound systems didn’t really do it for me as you can’t hear clearly unless you’re close to the front – but who wants to be trampled on whilst Giggs is performing?! The drinks price is pretty standard across London festivals, £10 for a double, so nothing out of the ordinary. Despite the sound not being great, any day out with music, booze and your mates will be a good time. However, I personally won’t be paying £70 to go next year. 

I’ve definitely been spoilt with Glasto, will any other festival ever live up to it now?!


I heard through the grapevine that Brockhamtpon were incredible live, but oh my days they were way better than I was expecting. A relatively new and up and coming group from the states,14 members create this lively hip hop group. They performed on the main stage bringing so much energy to the crowd and sounded just like they do on their records. When the festival lacked in volume they made up for with their set. Whenever they are next in the UK do try and catch them, they are definitely worth seeing and if you haven’t heard of these guys, definitely check them out – my favourite song is 1999 Wildfire, it will get you in the summer spirit for sure! 


I am a big fan of a weekend music festival here and there to break up the summer, and there is no shortage of them in London. Lovebox hosts the best variety of music with many big industry names- this year’s headliners being Giggs, Chance The Rapper, Solange and J Hus. My personal favorites from the day had to be Giggs and Patrick Topping, even purely for the presence they have on stage, and the atmosphere they created in the crowd. The festival was easy to get to and thankfully not overcrowded, (which can be a real put off for me) keeping trips to the bar short and my view of the main stages relatively okay. The only negative comment I have is the low volume of the music on the outside stages; unfortunately if you are further back in the crowd you tend to hear the murmur of various conversations over the music. The tickets can seem a little pricey at first but in my opinion it is one of the top weekend festivals London has to offer and a fantastic day out.

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