My London Journey: Small Town to The Big City

London is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. Personally, I love it but the glitz and glam of the city definitely wears off when you’re fighting your way onto the Northern line for the 200th time this year.

Growing up in a small village there wasn’t very much around. No neighbours, no street lights, no pavements. Just fields, a church, a school and a pub. That’s it. The crime rate was low and life was easy. The city buzz appealed to me on many levels despite it being the polar opposite of what I was used to, so I set off on my London adventure and attended Kingston University for 3 years. Uni is not the same as commuting and working full time, uni is the best of both worlds. After I graduated I moved home for a bit to give my bank balance (and liver) a break, but it didn’t take long for me to miss the noisy nights.

Working in central London was a big change from my last job and quiet little life. Firstly, I now use public transport instead of driving my own car, which doesn’t give you the same freedom or reliability. The length of my commute has increased massively, I now get a 7.30am train to arrive at the office for 9. The journey can take its toll but I busy myself with a good book – a must have (and if you’re in need of some inspiration check out our book reviews!). It’s more fast paced, expensive and unpredictable – but who likes predictable anyway?!

London offers something for everyone, food, drink, things to do, places to go, lots to learn.. it’s an endless source of entertainment – an adults playground, you’ll never get bored.

FYI don’t expect people to talk to you, or even make eye contact. FYI do expect people to be absolute arseholes on your morning commute, grumbling and swearing as they elbow their way onto the carriage. But it’s not all doom and gloom and it’s not always raining. London is a magical place no matter the weather, it’s full of history, diversity and of course great places to eat and drink. Despite the drizzle and miserable moods of those you pass, it’s an amazing city (especially in those warm summer nights) offering all sorts on your doorstep! I wouldn’t change it – you do you, London.

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