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Roof East, a perfect place for summer!

Booze, games and sun. Three beautiful words that just look so good together and feel good together. Roof east ticks all three boxes. Based in Stradford, this rooftop playground for adults is exactly what you need this summer. Not only does it have space to jump around like a big kid it has games to really bring out the child in you and in my case, the competitive loud mouth that everyone wants to punch. 

There is something for everyone at Roof East. They have mini golf to rooftop yoga to lanes that you can play curls, bowl or shuffle, all of which need to be booked through their website. There are free games such as Jenga, table football and more dotted around so you can have fun in every corner of the venue! There are also many different food options available in street food style.

We pre-booked playing shuffle and mini-golf which after a few beers were even more fun than anticipated. The staff are on hand for any drinks orders whilst your playing and they will deliver right to where your team is. They are friendly and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. So with a pint in my hand and the competitiveness coming out of me, the day was on a roll! A full hour of girls V boys consisted of “CHEATER” to “YOU’RE SHIT”. It was a fun-filled time and I really enjoyed it for someone who has never played shuffles before! Once we finished shuffles we stopped at one of the picnic benches to enjoy another pint, this was around 7 on a Friday, I was happy to see that venue wasn’t so rammed you couldn’t find a seat, it was just the right balance.The next activity we attempted to play was mini-golf, which consisted of 9 holes and BOY IT WAS HARD! I was with a family who played golf on almost a daily basis and they even struggled (buzzing that I beat my boyfriend who just spent £900 on golf clubs and has been playing since he was 3) LOL! It was great fun and CHEAP, games are around £10 and we had such a laugh.

This is a great space to take family/friends/dates/partners, pretty much anyone who enjoys fun games and a few drinks, you could spend a whole day here or a couple of hours,it’s really up to you, all I would say is try and catch Roof East by the end of summer! 

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