Five Of The Most Niche Dating Apps On The IOS App Store


In case you hadn’t already guessed it’s an app for threesomes and swingers, with a wealth of options to encourage more sexual exploration. The app is sexually fluid, gender fluid and BDSM friendly, plus there is need to worry about catfishes because they validate profile photos.


If you are bored of communicating with the common folk, Luxy is the app for you. The app markets itself as “Tinder minus the poor people” and is a match maker specifically tailored for the likes of models, jet setters, millionaires and basically anyone in the 1%. So obviously we signed up.


Bristl has all the hallmarks of your bog standard dating app but with a twist, they claim to have created more than half a million connections between bearded fellas and the people who want to stroke them. So if you are looking for a rugged grizzly bear of a man, then download now.

Ashley Madison

This app has been tailored to make cheating as easy as possible with like-minded individuals available at the touch of a button. Whether you are interested in a one night stand or a casual affair this app has you covered. Please note that we are not promoting cheating.

Astropod Match

If you have been unlucky so far in the dating game and have yet to meet your perfect match, then it might be time to leave it stars and dabble in a bit of astrology. Make sure you check your horoscope.

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