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A Geordies life in London

Math, science, spelling and basically anything that uses the left side of the brain is not my forte if I say do say so myself! However, the right side of my brain has always been a kind friend to me; the arts have constantly been a part of my life (CUE X-FACTOR  MUSIC) and I was brought up in a music-driven household, so I knew that I wanted to expand on what I was good at further. It was coming to that vital part of my early adult life, which seems like a lifetime ago, it was time to make the decision of, do I stay or do I go. If I am going to be perfectly honest with you there wasn’t a second thought to it. I was off to London.

Whilst most of my Northern pals went off to uni, I attempted drama school for a foundation course, which was utterly fantastic- but whilst visiting all my friends in different cities around the UK I was desperate to experience university life and what it had to offer. Kingston University was where I was lucky enough to meet three out of THE FIVE! (Ella, Caitlin and Danielle).  Three years of utter bliss, hangovers from hell and A LOT of life lessons, it was the end of a brilliant chapter. Now with two weeks left of our lease, we were all in panic mode to stay together and find a job. Jumping into a truly horrendous role at a place I shall not shame, it led me to a job with the final piece of our five puzzle, Vikki. 3 months later Vik and I were outta there and all of The Five were clawing their way to find our dream jobs- come to 2019 we are all happy bunnies, excuse the cheesy line, living our best lives. 

With nearly 7 years of London experience under my belt, I believe I can spread a few rules of thumb when it comes to London: 

  1. Hold onto anything when on the tube, a pole/chair even a person. Just hold on to anything because I have seen this too many times. The person who walks on thinking they got this in the bag with the smug look on their face and using TWO hands may I add when using their phone and within 2 minutes of the train pulling off it’s like a scene from one of the Carry On episodes. 
  2. If I could carry around a sink and soap with me all the time, I would. Just wash your hands, get some hand sanitizer on your hands, whenever you get the chance. For the first 2 years of living in London you’ll be ill. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to get a little rough. Walking down a street? Walking around a shop? Walking into an old peoples home? People will walk into you, barge past you and knock you no matter what the environment you will either have to be a trained ninja to dip in and out of the gaps, wear shoulder pads and look like an American footballer or just be a little rough back.
  4. This is the place to show your personality through fashion! Get experimental and play around with different looks. Enjoy it!
  5. Have fun in this magical, crazy, full of beautiful people city. It is truly one of the best in the world.

London it is a true honor to be apart of your concrete jungle, you never fail to be interesting, exciting and bloody hard work but only sometimes…


  1. Was working opposite Central Station in Newcastle before making the big leap to Australia for a couple years. Now I have a week left in Melbourne before moving to London! I read this at the right time 🙂


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