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Amalfi Coast Part One of Four

Part One – Naples 

This May I finally took the plunge and decided to make my way to the Amalfi Coast. My boyfriend and I started our whistle stop tour in Naples, I know this isn’t technically the Amalfi Coast but we flew to Naples and thought we explore the city for a few days.

Esspresso shots and Sfogliatella

So we heard a few things and saw a lot of comments online about taxi’s being expensive from the airport due to you being a tourist and yes this was true. Between my boyfriend and I we only had €35, which our air bnb host said would be more than plenty. The taxi driver charged up €45 which we couldn’t even dispute as we didn’t even have enough to pay him, but he took the money we had anyway. So we rocked up to our Air bnb, right on the edge of the historic center at about 8pm and my god was it beautiful. Our host explained that it was a bank holiday in Naples and there was a concert in the square by us, so went and checked it out. It was pretty mental, with so many people on the streets, so we decided to get pizza and head back.

Every morning we treated ourselves to a Italian coffee and pastry to try and find out what our favourite was. In Naples the signature coffee is a super strong espresso (with a complimentary water). But I normally went for a cappuccino, it’s more my thing. My favourite pastry was definitely the croissant looking one with a cherry on top, it was filled with custard so amazing.

We managed to walk around 20,000 steps and above each day, exploring the historic centre, the spanish quatre and the coast. Stopped off at loads of little restaurants, ate and drank lots of pizza, pasta, caprese salad (mozzarella and cheese) wine and aperol.

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