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The Five’s Top Venues For Mingling: South West

In the hope of playing cupid to the lovely followers of The Five, I’ve turned to my seasoned single friends for assistance in creating lists of our top venues for meeting some good looking people in your local area, while of course, having a great time. So if you’re a recently single social butterfly like me and are looking for a few new weekend spots, keep reading- but make sure to bring your A game.

No 32 Old Town

32 The Pavement, Clapham, London SW4 0JE

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My night here was off to a really good start due to the fact that upon my arrival my friend was at the bar with a bottle of bubbly and 2 glasses at the ready. After a quick catch-up I took a moment to take in the room and the people. No 32 has all the best hallmarks of a multifaceted modern bar and a restaurant with a chic minimalistic style, great food plus juicy cocktails. Any day at No 32 is always a dressy casual vibe accompanied by a lively atmosphere, even on a work night. With the big square shaped ground floor bar stood in the center of the crowd, the layout helps maintain a constant flow of people, with an upbeat energy that is the perfect atmosphere for mingling or a fun date. Moving upstairs the vibe is a chilled out lounge setting, offering sofas that will practically swallow you whole and a buzzing roof terrace, a perfect location for a quieter place to chat on a hot summer night. The staff are very friendly and know their drinks menu, so I would suggest starting off with something out of your comfort zone- you might like it.

The Prince

14 Lillie Rd, Hammersmith, London SW6 1TT

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The Prince is one of my ultimate favorite weekend hang outs; it’s big, the drinks aren’t too pricey, the food is banging and the decoration is incredible with flowers adorning every wall. On every visit I always find myself in Patty and Bun devouring a Smokey Robinson Burger meanwhile sipping an espresso martini within the first hour. If you are hoping to be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding good looking 20 somethings all in one place, then The Prince is the right choice. The venue is always packed to the brim and everyone is dressed to the nines but thankfully when The Prince is busy there is still room actually to move, unlike most busy central London locations. If you are looking for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser this weekend, then head to West Brompton- and make sure you go on their website and claim your free Froze!

Archer Street

Lansdowne House, 3-7 Northcote Rd, London SW11 1NG

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Having only just opened its doors to Clapham in April 2019 after several successful years in Soho, Archer Street has the benefit of being situated in the prime location of Northcote Road. Amongst the surrounding pubs, craft beer establishments and 2 for 1 cocktail bars, Archer Street stands out as an innovative and modernised cabaret bar, where champagne is served by the glass and cocktails named after your favorite singers are the preferred drink of choice.  Spanning 2 floors the interior is not as over the top as your usual cabaret bars but instead displays a classic and minimalist aesthetic with a splash of Tiki Bar vibes to add a bit of flair. Like your usual Clapham bars the atmosphere between the two floors is diverse, as the night goes on the lower ground floor transitions into a nightclub setting with a DJ mixing up classic bangers with the occasional cheesy pop hit, but with a twist. This venue encourages standing on stables and singing your heart out with the talented staff members who will dish out your favorite tune’s karaoke style. What better way to start a conversation than a sing along to your favorite song from when you were like 10?

The Ship

41 Jews Row, Wandsworth, London SW18 1TB

I have yet to meet a person living in South West London who has not been to The Ship on a bank holiday Sunday. It may look like your traditional London gastro pub, complete with outside BBQ kitchen and river terrace views but it is so much more. Every weekend attractive young party goers put on their best smart-casuals and head down to The Ship for a day sesh and I’m not joking when I tell you that most parties will be there from the early afternoon and still going hard until closing. The Ship is a hot spot for locals and has the benefit of a good reputation and many regulars. The best thing about the venue is that you never need to leave, the daytime vibe being a great setting for a few bevs, some food and a catch up with friends. As the night draws in the atmosphere change is truly sensational, with the venue transitioning into a make-shift night club, pumping music at full volume bringing people to the dance floor.

The Sun

47 Old Town, Clapham, London SW4 0JL

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Neighbors with No 32 Old Town and just around the corner from the high street The Sun has been coined one of the best pubs in Clapham by many of its regulars. Serving up award winning gins and a range of real ales, the venue draws in a relaxed and mixed crowed with its unpretentious chilled out sexy vibes. It makes the perfect casual day time beer garden drinking spot and they have regular live music from locally known performers covering all of your favorite British hits. You can guarantee that nights in the sun will be loud and ever so slightly messy, with strangers grabbing each other for a dance and a sing along until 2am. Unlike other venues in the area The Sun is more tucked away, meaning they can keep the beer garden open until they close, so in between songs you will find most people outside having a breather and mingling with their new singing partners.

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