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Fun things to do in London: ArcelorMittal Orbit

If you are an adrenalin junky this is a must for you! I like to call myself one but whenever it comes to those water slides that are pretty much vertical, I always chicken out! But on this occasion, I was not willing to make a fool out of myself in front of my boyfriends family so I did it, whilst screaming “BYE MOTHERFUCKERS” as I launched myself down the slide. It was fast with a few sharp corners and some dark tunnels, it is a ride that will get your heart racing and blood pumping.

The speed of the slide can go up to 15 mph and the is measuring at 178m which makes it the tallest in the world, with 12 twists and turns, including a tight cork screw section named ‘bettfeder’ after the German word bed spring! The friendly staff will set you set up at the top of the slide with a safety check and a lovely helmet that makes you look like you’re about to run into a rugby scrum. They will go through a safety check and then launch you down the steep start off point. Not only do you get to enjoy the slide, but just before going down you also get to see a stunning view of London at the rides viewpoint.

The only flaw I would give this ride is that it’s cost £16.50, which for one go is very spenny in my opinion. But for the one-off treat, it is definitely worth it. Overall a great fun experience would recommend as a gift or when the family are in town.

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