Small things that get me remarkably riled up

If some people have the patience of a saint, I have the exact opposite. Essentially, almost anything will set me off and send me on a long rant about the injustices of the world, generally capped off with a dramatic statement about how difficult it is to be me.

Generally (or so I like to think) these annoyances are valid, but as I am trying to become a better person and self-reflect (good luck, I hear you say) I have come to realise that a number of things that get me ragin’ are actually not that big of a deal? I know, I was shocked too.

Anyway, here’s a list.

  • People who have a baby and start posting from their baby in first person on social media 
  • The sound of apples crunching 
  • When people’s toes stick out of their shoes 
  • People having private conversations in public spaces 
  • People using ellipses unless for dramatic effect
  • When you’re trying to get shampoo/conditioner/body wash etc out of the bottle in the shower and it won’t come out even though there’s clearly loads in there 
  • When you’re trying to get out various shower products and it comes out but all bubbly and ugly 
  • Hearing anything that sounds vaguely like my morning alarm sound, literally ever 
  • Water being either too warm or too cold when you’re really thirsty 
  • When you’re in the lift and it stops at every floor, even when there’s actually people getting off at every floor and that’s totally reasonable 
  • People using the click sounds on their phones 
  • Waking up 2.7 mins before an alarm and not being able to go back to sleep because that’s ridiculous but also being robbed of 2.7 mins of sleep 
  • People saying that cats are shit 
  • Children’s laughter 
  • The use of the expression “build a bridge and get over it”
  • People who swing their arms a lot when they walk 
  • Wheely suitcases 
  • When you stir something in a pan and little bits of it go out onto the hob and you just know you’ll have to clean that up later
  • Parents insisting on calling themselves/their partners mummy and daddy 
  • People who leave their backpacks on when they’re sitting on public transport 
  • Hearing one side of a conversation because someone is on the phone on the train/at the gym/in a shop like plz let me hear ALL the goss??
  • My phone ringing
  • Loud sneezes/coughs in my general vicinity
  • People carrying full sized umbrellas in a way that they poke out behind them as they walk and you feel like you’re going to get stabbed by the pointy bit 

All totally valid, am I right?

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