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The perfect gift: Thames Rockets

Finding a present for my boyfriend always seems to be a struggle, especially when he aces my birthday every year, BUT this year my friends, I NAAIIILLLEED IIIIITTTT. Thames Rockets is what we kicked off the day with and it was bloody brilliant. They offer speed boats that go up and down the Thames offering different types of experiences. I chose the ultimate London adventure. 

We met the boats right under the London Eye on a beautiful sunny day, just to note Thames Rockets will go ahead in most weather and is not a seasonal activity. Boarding the boat you are given a life jacket and a safety talk by the guide who is one of the best parts of the whole experience. He was funny, insightful and extremely entertaining. On the London adventure, we were taken down towards parliament and back again going passed the Tower of London, London Bridge, Ladies bridge, Oxo Tower, London Docks, and much more. I learnt so many wonderful facts about London and saw the city from a completely different perspective!

Once we passed the policing station on the river, boats are legally allowed to go much faster, and boy did we think our hair was going to be blown off. Twisting and turning whilst singing at the top of our lungs. It was great how they gave you a chance to enjoy the moment with whoever you are with instead of talking the whole time. We were both singing along to the greatest showmen, Dua Lipa, and even riding along to the 007 music, which was a good laugh. On the way back when you reach Tower bridge, the guide offers to take photos of everyone which was an added bonus with such a beautiful backdrop. I had the best time and more importantly, so did the birthday boy (who loved when the guide made everyone sing happy birthday to him).

The pricing for each person is £39.95 each and lasts 50 minutes, it is a little steep but honestly I couldn’t recommend it more. This is a perfect gift and you really get your moneys worth!

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