Halloween makeup Inspo!

One of the most common questions being flung about at this time every year is, of course:…”What shall I go as for Halloween?!”. Well, fear not. With years of excellent (if we do say so ourselves) costume experience under our belts, we are here to help you get some inspiration for your Halloween look. We have teamed  up with Hannah Pratt (Instagram @hp.vison) and picked our top five favorite looks she has produced for Halloween! Hannah is an up and coming makeup artist who can do a range of makeup from everyday looks to extreme fantasy characters! If you have any questions about her looks, or just want some advice, Hannah will be more than happy to answer them, just drop her a message on her Instagram.

Make sure you give Hannah a follow. Instagram name:  hp.vison

See below for our top picks. Hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing. 

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